I’m an Italian illustrator and author based in South East London.
I’m interested in the interactions between images and words, words and space, space and objects, objects and other objects, objects and humans, humans and the mundane, the mundane and stories, stories and narrative fragments.
Exhibitions and events
2024 The Illustrators exhibition, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy.
2024 Secret 7”, Now Gallery, London.
2023 Marea Illustration Summer School, tutor at UIA, Venice, Italy.
2023 Vernice Paciugo, Base Milano, Italy (solo show).
2022 Marea Illustration Summer School, tutor at UIA, Venice, Italy.
2019 Elcaf, London.
2019 Handbook for the (mis)education of grown-ups, Spazio Corsivo, Berlin, Germany (book presentation/show).
2018 Elcaf, London.
2018 Secret 7", The Jetty, Greenwich Peninsula, London.
2018 How big can you build?, Workshop with Cicada Books, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, London.
2018 Riso Room, Glasgow, UK.
2017 Abc door sign, Workshop with Cicada Books, Elcaf, London, UK.
2016 Secret 7", Sonos Studio, London, UK.
2015 No Culture Icons Exhibition, the Reliance, Leeds, UK.
2015 Kiblind n51 - 10 Couvertures - 10 Artistes - 10 Tshirts, Point Éphémère, Paris, France.
2015 When, Les libellules, Bologna, Italy (book presentation/solo show).
2014 When, 121+, Milan, Italy (book presentation/solo show).
2014 Secret 7", Downstairs at Mother, London, UK.
2014 Fahrenheit 39 IV edition, Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna, Italy.
2013 It Feels Like a New Toothbrush, Spazio Corsivo, Berlin, Germany (solo show).
2013 Fuochi Fatui Festival, Feltre, Italy.
2013 Red and blue posters, Zuni, Ferrara, Italy (solo show).
2013 Fahrenheit 39 third edition, Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna, Italy.
2012 Pie in the sky, XYZ Gallery, Treviso, Italy (2 person show with Elena Xausa).

Andiamo a giocare!, RAUM Italic Bücher, 2023.
Bedhead, Bored Wolves, 2023.
Busy Little Fingers ART, Big Picture Press, 2023 (illustrations).
Nöel & Léon, Grasset-Jeunesse, 2022.
The Itch (A Comichão), Pato Lógico, 2021.
Black Frames, self-published book, 2020.
Monstres De Maison, Grasset-Jeunesse, 2020.
Yesterday’s clothes, self-published book, 2020.
How to Feel, Ediciones Hungria, 2019 (second edition).
Questa è bella! La storia di Rospella, Einaudi Ragazzi, 2019 (illustrations).
Handbook for the (mis)education of grown-ups, RAUM Italic Bücher, 2018, (illustrations).
Sock Story, Cicada Books, 2018 (illustrations).
Museum of Rejected Objects, self-published book, 2018.
No you shut up, Horrible Press, 2018.
Rising, self-published book, 2018.
Bill Fontana, MAXXI, 2018 (illustrations).
Finger drawings, self-published zine, 2018.
Storie che finiscono male, Einaudi Ragazzi, 2017 (illustrations).
Bigger, Cicada Books, 2017.
DIY ABC, Cicada Books, 2016.
How to Feel, Exit Press, 2015.
When, RAUM Italic Bücher, 2014.
It Feels Like a New Toothbrush, RAUM Italic Bücher, 2013.
Le finestre del mistero, Biancoenero Edizioni, 2013 (illustrations).
La maglia del nonno, Biancoenero Edizioni, 2012 (illustrations).

My work has been featured on the following publications
Interni Magazine n.12, December 2023.
Some Magazine #17 Look, Slanted Publishers, 2023.
Posters for the Planet, Princeton Architectural Press, 2022.
Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi Ragazzi, 2019.
Triciclo #6, Triciclo Editora, 2019.
Risomania, a project by Vetro Editions, French Edition by Pyramid Editions, 2016.
Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch, Watson-Guptill, 2015.
Kiblind magazine n. 51.
Optimus, Graphic Optical Illusions, Bolo Paper.
Up-and-Coming Style Issue #1, October 2013.
Infusi n.2-Brusio, Teiera, 2012.
Bolo Magazine n. 1, Stars are indispensable, Bolo Paper.
IdN Magazine issue V17n2: Retro Graphics.

Clients include
The New York Times, Interni Magazine, Bonnier Books UK, The Guardian, NIKE, Mediatemple, Disney, Wired Italy, UCLA, Einaudi Ragazzi, Biancoenero edizioni, LINK magazine, Rizla, Young and Lost Club, Ideal Manufacturing Ltd, Kiblind Magazine, Cicada Books, Moleskine, Feltrinelli, MAXXI Museum, California Sunday Magazine.

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